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Happy New Year! I've got something special for all my viewers. I have 4 Linux distributions on CD that I plan to review for People. I know I will be reviewing 7 Distributions so far, If you want me to review others just comment onto this post or one of the other 2008 posts that are coming. I'll Leave the list here. I plan to do:

I have done Ubuntu LiveCD Review, all of these will be installed Installed unless otherwise noted. This is just a rough draft of the schedule, I may change it, you will always find the latest in the columns on the right.

Fedora 8 : January 1st half 2008

Ubuntu 7.10: January 1st Half 2008

OpenSUSE 10.3 :February

Linux Mint 4.0: March

Mandriva One 2008; KDE : April 1st half

Mandriva One 2008; GNOME : April 2nd Half

PCLinuxOS 2007: May

Food For thought will be back every Monday.

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