Food For Thought- 1/7/08

A quick adventure in PCLinuxOS yielded great results. The strange thing was that only 1/2 times my current, and somewhat old computer wouldn't boot the system as a LiveCD, I never experienced that with Ubuntu. I went on YouTube with my favorite included browser- Firefox, and joyfully found that flash or other player was already installed. This system has everything you would want, and the live CD has MPlayer, so you can play MP3's and even WMV's (Windows Video) Files. The OS has OpenOffice and I had to say that this is one of the best prepared OS'es for Linux. This is literally an awesome and equipped OS. That may be why I am typing to you in it now. Remember, the full review of PCLinuxOS with it being installed is coming in the second half of march, following Linux Mint, which I have just heard about. Also remember, If you want me to review a Linux OS, just comment on one of the 2008 posts, lets see what th Linux community brings us this year, I want PCLinuxOS 2008 to be better than this already great 2007 version. I am sure we will see a new Ubuntu soon, probably version 8.

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