A Review on ASUS' RMA Process

Recently, my laptop charger had broken, and the laptop would not charge. The battery also had very little capacity. Luckily, I was able to borrow a charger from a good friend whom of which had the ASUS EeePC 1000H, with a compatible charger to my 904HA. With this, I was able to take off any files that I wanted. After this, I had to finish the RMA process.

The netbook was beginning to give me problems, the battery was unable to hold a charge for more than an hour, the charger was unable to charge the battery (Possibly caused by a frayed cable inside of the charging cable), and as we have known before, the audio did not work ( See Ubuntu on the EeePC 904HA). I also had a few filesystem errors (as named in the post entitled Saviour). The laptop was becoming something with very limited function, it was becoming unusable.

The First Encounter
The first encounter with ASUS was when I contacted them to ask if the issues were hardware or software issues, and if I could get a new netbook as a replacement. I was greeted by a couple nice people who stated that they were hardware issues, but unfortunately their policy states that they cannot offer a replacement. They promptly responded to this message and gave me a link to RMA the netbook. This was before my charger died. Once it did, I promptly filled out the RMA request.

The Second Encounter
Once I filled out the RMA, I waited for a while for my RMA number. I waited a total of one or two weeks. During these one or two weeks, I sent a second RMA request. After this, I was replied with two emails from ASUS, one stating the directions and the RMA number, and another stating that I had already been given an RMA number. I then proceeded to follow the directions. The directions were not in order, although they were easy to understand. After I recieved my RMA number, I readied, packaged, and sent my EeePC via USPS Priority Mail. Goodbye EeePC, See you sometime soon!

The Third Encounter
With the mailing, I ordered delivery conformation to ensure that ASUS recieved the laptop via USPS. I also insured it. After I had mailed it on Thursday of the previous week, I confirmed that ASUS had recieved the laptop on Monday. As soon as I noted this, I headed to ASUS' website, and clicked Live Chat. I spoke to a person named Roald, a very nice person (Thank you Roald!), who I asked what the state of my RMA was in. He replied with repair (This was Tuesday). I thanked him and continued on my way, expecting to not see my laptop until the next month.

The Final Encounter
After I checked the status, I waited for a little while not expecting to see my laptop for a while. The holiday of Christmas goes by, and I have not checked the status for a while. One day when I return home, there is a FedEx slip saying that the company had missed finishing shipment. This went on for another day. On the third day, my laptop was back. Thank you ASUS!

A Final Statement

The process of RMAing my laptop was decently short. ASUS has provided for every aspect of my laptop that needed to be fixed. Even my Audio is fixed. My charger and battery were replaced at a cost of nothing with an increased capacity. Thank you ASUS.