Ubuntu on the Eee PC 904HA

After creating my first bootable USB thumb drive for installing Ubuntu with an easy to use tool called UNetBootin, with the Ubuntu 8.04 Alternate CD, and finding that it wouldn’t work because the installed couldn’t find the network interface, I used UNetBootin to download and create a USB stick of Ubuntu 8.10 Live, and it installed perfectly. The live version did find the Atheros network interface, and I could proceed with the install.


The Ubuntu install went without issue other than the problems with Network interfaces as described. It took about 10 minutes from the USB stick I was using.

What Worked, What didn’t work-

Most things worked with 8.10, including the Graphics, Ethernet Interface, USB, Webcam, and Multi-Touch touchpad features. The wireless card- Atheros AR5007EG, worked after following a few guides, easily  found on the internet. Sound works from the speakers, but doesn’t work with headphones.

Sound Issues

On the Eee PC 904HA, the speakers work fine in Ubuntu. Headphones produce a loud static noise, while you can’t hear what you are supposed to be listening to. I have searched for the problem on Ubuntu Forums and across the web for this problem with the 82801G (Intel ICH7 Family) sound interface, to no avail. If anyone in the audience can shine some light on this issue, please comment.


Installing Ubuntu on the Eee PC 904HA was surprisingly easy. It also took a very low amount of time to start and complete the install. I am very happy with the support for the hardware in this laptop, as I know that laptop hardware isn’t always supported. As I said, if anyone can shine light on the issue with sound, please comment.


  1. hey, i too have a 904ha, and i read your blog on the sound problem. i found this forum


    check out post #10 from Topinambur

    it basically leads you here


    basically need to reinstall the drivers from alsa project.

    let me know if you have any luck canzig21@gmail.com

  2. @Ryan

    Thank you for the suggestion, but installing the ALSA drivers again from the website did not work. I haven't tested microphone, and It is only the headphones that are affected by the static sound.

  3. Have you tried switching the sound source for your headphones? It can be easily done in one of ubuntus preferences apps (name i forget). You can assign devices to different sources (raw or alsa etc). I couldnt get any sound (in, out or phones) until i did this.