The Good And Bad things about a Multi-Touch Touch Pad

After that much of a title, lets get talking. My new laptop, the Eee PC 904HA, came with a multitouch touchpad. It is similar to the technology found in the newer Apple Macbooks. The whole concept makes it easier to navigate the interface. It allows gestures to be used to zoom, scroll, change workspaces, etc... What do I think about it? I think this technology is great. It makes doing certain things quicker, which increases productivity, and makes the computing experience that little bit greater. Is it the next big feature? I'm not sure, it could be. More and more laptops (now the most popular type of computer) will get touchpads with new features.
I found myself immediately using the gestures with the touchpad. It only takes a little while to master the easiest of them. Multi-Touch-Pads, the tech of the future?

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