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The school I go to recieved 22 new computers, 9 have Windows XP, 12 have Windows 2000 or some earlier version, I'm not sure, and 1 has Linux. Edubuntu Linux. This one computer at first would not boot from it's hard drive, boot order was good, the HDD jumper settings were also good, Just no operating system would start, and it gave the error, F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility. We, my tech teacher and I, decided to try to boot off of a Linux Live CD, Edubuntu is what we used, and with GParted, the Edubuntu partition editor, I found that all 10 GB, yes only 10, was unallocated. I then shut the system down, plugged in a network cable(Linux autoconfigures Network when it is plugged in) and installed the system, with 384MB of RAM and a 1 GHz processor, it only took 30 minutes to install, quick, on my new system, Windows, with less programs, took 45min to install. It ended up with a ready to go Linux system, and when I rebooted, I installed Flash from the Flash Player website. Then, after I went to the HP website, my school uses alot of their printers, i found some linux drivers, goody! The next thing I have to find out is can you profile on linux with a Windows server? Can my readers clarify? Thank you.

Also, this is funny, this is what the candidates are running for they're web server/ site.
Elections by Server

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