Food For Thought- 1/28/08

I have fixed the problems with my USB keyboard and GRUB! Now I will be able to use my boot loader and no more problems with the "Default OS" OpenSUSE will be good, It uses GRUB for the CD menu and you need to change selection to fix it.

Here is how to get your USB keyboard to work with GRUB if it doesn't already. In the BIOS (Press F2, F12, or the Delete Key) on boot. Go to the Advanced tab or find some kind of USB configuration menu. In the USB config, change Legacy USB to Enabled or Auto, I suggest Enabled so it will always be on, and anyway, with Auto it has to search for USB devices every time it boots, and it may slow it down.

I have already installed Ubuntu, that review is coming up!

Again, Linuxguy and (His Blog) are not responsible for any changes or damage you do to your computer, again, these are simply guides, and may help you, but you are responsible for anything you do to your computer.

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