Food For Thought- 11/12/07

I've seen some distributions of Linux, and I have to say I liked Fedora Core 6 best. Well, I should say K12LTSP as it is the actual distribution and it is based off FC6. I have seen Ubuntu, the regular version, and the distribution Xubuntu, designed to run on older machines with less than 128 Megabytes of RAM. The distribution CD, that you have to use on Machines with less than 128MB of RAM is not graphical, Text mode only. The Menu's are easy to navigate, but seem Limited, and the install enters "Low Memory Mode" on machines with 64MB of Ram. The Low memory mode forces the installation to proceed in the English Language and that may be inconvenient for some countries that speak another language. When I installed it on a machine with 96MB of Ram the Install did not go in Low Memory mode and allowed me to select the language I speak, English. When you get it installed you are welcomed with a nice log in screen, asking you for the User name and password you supplied during installation. Note: From this screen it is impossible to log in as the Root user. The user you created will have Administrative privileges and you may create more users and you can also, I believe do anything the root can do. With what I have tested so far I believe Xubuntu has a good background and it works quite well. This Distribution, based off Ubuntu seems to work well. Xubuntu is available at

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