Checking out Ubuntu in a Live CD

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At my first glimpse Ubuntu is an OS that is designed for the default theme to be easy on the eye. Indeed it was and I was welcomed to what I refer to as a 'chocolate' theme. Beryl (Compiz Fusion) was disabled on entering and the eye candy feature needed a restricted driver, a 3d accelerator to work on my PC at it's current configuration.

Ubuntu has a nice, customizable appearance. It was easy for me to change the theme into one custom theme that I found to be pretty cool. I customized the window borders, the buttons, and the icons easily. You can easily do this in the menu by going to System, then Preferences, and click on appearance. No wonder Ubuntu Is one of the most popular OS's for enthusiasts and beginners. It automatically detected my wired internet connection, and after that it was a breeze through, I give, at first glimpse a 4 out of 5. I reduced 1 star only for the painfully slow boot up time for the live CD.

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