Food For Thought- 11/26/07 - Fixing up a Dell

I hear a lot of people have problems with dell computers, as in the computer is fine this minute but then seems to go into a hibernation state often with an amber power light to accompany it. There is no way to turn the computer off in this state, however long you hold the button. Yes you can pull the plug as that is the only way it seems to respond to anything. And what is stranger, the mysterious halt to the computer, or how many different solutions there are...

My Situation, When plugged in the Hard Disk Drive Light shows sometimes and most times the CD Light shows, as if it wants to boot from CD. Yesterday I read about a suggestion to unplug all drives from the motherboard and power, and remove all expansion cards except the video card and try to boot the computer.

The first initial tests were filled with almost a trial and error kind of testing. Unplug x... plug in the computer... no change other than x did this or that.

The farthest I succeded was the computer completing POST (Power On Self Test) and giving me a memory (reseat the memory or something) error with the diagnostic lights on the back of the motherboard.

--To be continued --

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