Linux Review 7- Heavily GIMPED 1.5 Beta

Heavily GIMPED 1.5 Beta Release
Heavily GIMPED is a release that many people have never heard of. The distribution is designed for graphics artists, and includes the popular Open-Source Applications, GIMP, Blender, Inkscape, and Xara XTreme. It features look brilliant, and the graphical user interface is through GNOME. The GNOME UI is also heavily customized, you wouldn't really realize that it is GNOME.

User Interface
Although I don't have a picture, (Forgot to take one) I can tell you the GNOME interface is brilliant. Window frames are black, and the top and bottom task bars are black and white respectively, and somewhat translucent, you can see through to your background perfectly. The installer is somewhat Ubuntu-like, and will bring you through a very quick install, just about 10 minutes.

Once Installed the operating system uses Synaptic for package management, and a tool called GIMP-IZE! to change options, like administrator things. It comes with Firefox, Abiword, Gnumeric, Thunderbird, and shortcuts to things like Google Docs, Blogger, and also things such as Zoho or Thinkfree. All launch to their login pages in Firefox, and there are also launchers to go to your home folder and other places. It also comes with the graphics applications described above, and a few other tools, like a calculator, a notepad, and a launcher to IGoogle. If Abiword or Gnumeric aren't right for you, you can always install Open Office, it is in the repositories. Updating was also very quick, the 1.5 beta was just released a couple weeks ago.

The logo and desktop background are designed in the GIMP.

Horay to the developers! This distribution has tons of features, and great repositories. Everything is quick! And the GIMP-IZE! configuration tool has a normal person mode, and an expert mode. It is just great! It deserves a 20/5 (A 4/1). It is great, just not that great, 4/5!


  1. Great Blog. Great job with your presentation at FOSS VT today.

    Richard Byrne

  2. @Richard

    Thank you, are you aware that this whole post is a joke?