Food For Thought- 4/7/08

Alright, so here is an idea I would like to support, and it is also one of the reasons I do the reviews. Windows 7 is supposedly coming out eventually, probably in the next year or so, and probably to replace the horrible Windows Vista that has been released on the people. Windows XP, is coming to the end of it's lifetime. According to M$, you will no longer be able to buy Windows XP off the shelves by June 30th. (I think) Windows can still be shipped pre-installed on a PC coming from large manufacturers for a bit after that. Eventually, XP will enter an "Extended Support Mode", and after that period of time, it will be completely unsupported. If my PC fails, and I build a new one, I probably wont be able to install XP on it. I would like to go to Linux, and never touch a Windows OS again. It probably wont completely happen, but I have to pay $$$ for it, so I probably wont buy it. Why spend money where there is a free alternative anyway? Schools are possibly looking towards doing some of the same things. That will be cool (Vista doesn't network well anyway) Hooray for Linux, it is your turn to shine!

With that out of the way, I want to ponder another idea. Running a web server within the school. I was thinking, if we can test it behind a firewall for a couple days, we could approach the www easily. If it is behind the firewall, it should only be available to access within the network. We would need to explore the idea a little more, and get a non changing IP from the Network Admin.

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