Linux Review 4- PCLOS MiniMe 2008

PCLinuxOS MiniMe 2008
Is a version of the popular PCLinuxOS distribution. It sort of looks more like Windows Vista, and it is a nice sleek black color, but I think that something was lost when they made it "Pretty" for example, The Network wizard no longer runs before you log in to the LiveCD, you must use the PCLOS control center to manually configure the network. Synaptic seems to run on an unreliable repository, although I fixed this by adding another one. These small annoyances add up quickly and it results in a bad distro. If the crew could fix this up it would be great. It does have less updates, but on the default repository it isn't something that would take less than 10 minutes on a 768 KB/s connection, or probably any connection at that. This distribution is Mini, there is nothing on it, so you must add all of your favorite programs manually, which makes this distribution a perfect one for creating your own remastered LiveCD.

In terms of using this one day to day, it deserves only a 2/5
For using this one for a custom LiveCD, it is pretty much perfect, so 4.5/5.


  1. A MiniMe iso is a minimal livecd that is bootable and can be installed. It comes with a very basic KDE desktop without additional applications. It is designed for advanced users or for users who wish to learn how to customize their system with the applications and support files they want to use. The Utilites folder on the desktop provides network setup, ati,nvidia installation tool and other utilities.

  2. @ anonymous
    Yes, I am aware of the fact, and I know It is for advanced users, in fact, I created my own LiveCD out of it, but I was reviewing from the, use this every day, basic user perspective.

  3. I've never had repository issues with MiniMe 2008.

    The PCLinuxOS people seem to make it pretty clear that the whole purpose of the MiniMe's is for users to build their distro mostly from scratch. That alone should push a newbie to try their regular version.

    As a Linux user for the last 5 years I love that I have no bloat on my MiniMe install. Only the apps I want.

    Lean and Mean!!!

  4. @ anonymous
    Really, It might be because of my connection, how fast is yours? And, you do have a good point there, it is true how it would push regular users to try the regular version. I liked it, it's just that I try to normally review from a new user sort of perspective, and not from an enthusiast's perspective. You are very correct on how you state that it is a small distro with only the apps you want. I have a question for you, how did you find my blog?

  5. First thanks for taking a look at it. I like it too. Let me be clear I am biased after using PClinuxOS for 3 years now, without issue I might add. Even after I installed all the apps I need, MiniMe still seems faster running and booting than 2007.
    btw, From what I understand, the options for network and timezone were removed to allow a quicker boot on the livecd. If you use the remaster script in the utilities folder you can add the options back to your iso.
    Also, I found your blog from a link on

  6. @ Weric
    Yeah, that's why I thought they were removed to, but could they do away with login and put network in automatically?

    I like it too, it has always seemed really sleek to me, it is just nice.

  7. mdklinux
    minimi is more stable than 2008.1 rc1