Food For Thought- 3-3-08

Well, I see alot of new viewers are coming in, the poll I put up two days ago has 12 votes, I found the reason today. One of The Linux Blog at /'s reviews, the newest one, PCLinuxOS MiniMe 2008 was added into Here is the link if anyone wants to see it. Article on Tux Machines.

OK, so I had promised to do a section on making your own LiveCD two weeks ago, sorry for the delay, but here it is...

Making your own LiveCD Section One
Installing the base system

The base system will probably be the most important factor, your remaster will look the same as the base system when you used the script. You can probably pick any Linux distribution, but I chose PCLinuxOS MiniMe 2008, it already has the script installed for remastering the LiveCD, plus it has almost nothing installed when you first install it. You add packages through synaptic, which you will need your network interface for.
Boot the LiveCD, and once you log in, double click the Install button on the desktop and follow on screen instructions, if you are experienced with what you are doing you will be done in no time.

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