Food For Thought- 2/4/08- Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 4 Beta Testing

Today I installed Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 4. This system is not quite stable yet, but it seems quite solid. When booting the live CD I could not see the entire screen, as the resolution was too small, at 800x600 I could not see the very bottom of the installer. I could only use 800x600 or 640x480 for my screen, and I expected to have more options once rebooted. I rebooted once it was installed, and found that there were no new options. I then checked if I could turn on 3d effects, and I couldn't and I wasn't asked to install the driver or anything, here is a bug they might want to fix. I then installed the restricted driver from NVidia, and both problems were fixed. Also, sometimes I would have an app or package crash, I installed updates, as it said I was using some outdated things, and it fixed that too. 8.04 doesn't look any different from 7.10, at least not yet. (Updating, I had 61 updates, and it took about 7.5 minutes to download and install 24.4 MB of updates.)

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