Food For Thought-2/11/08- Creating a Custom LiveCD

This is a new quest for me, but I have been having a good time so far, and I found my greatest success using a Mini-Me version of PCLinuxOS 2008. I have tried the Ubuntu Customization kit, and I have also used Custom Nimble x, with not much success. The Ubuntu Customization kit also was somewhat confusing. With PCLinuxOS I just installed it, configured it for my liking, and ran a program from the menu to create your ISO. Next week I will do a quick over view of installing, and part one of a guide to customizing.


  1. Hi Linux Guy! Nice site here!
    A question on the custom live CD. How good is it with drivers? Does it only work on newer computers? Can you make a custom live CD for a certain video card, network card, audio card?

    Good work!

  2. @Craig
    It depends on what distribution you base it on. The PCLinuxOS Distro I have opted to use I have found to be good with drivers. As for working on only new computers, old computers are supported in the old kernel, and each new kernel expands on that, so it should work on any computer that meets the requirements, and for the last question, you probably could, but I believe it best to keep the support are wide.