Configuring Xubuntu- ANTHY

On low memory machines Configuring Xubuntu always gets stuck on Configuring Anthy. I found an excellent solution on the Ubuntu forums. It is going to have you do a few commands. It worked well for the 3 machines I have put Xubuntu on.
Solution as Follows:

"Once stuck at installing anthy, try this,
where xxxxx is the process id that ps gives you
for /usr/bin/mkworddic:

Alt-F2 #switch to a command line console
ps #type command "ps", then
kill -9 xxxxx #type using process id from ps
Alt-F1 #go back to install screen"

Here it is in an easier way,

Push ALT+F2 and type ps
Once you have found a process with Anthy in it type kill -9 xxxxx where xxxxx is the process number ps gave you. (I usually kill anything with Anthy in it)
Push ALT+F1 and if it doesn't say Configuring ANTHY you are successful.

Information Cited- Ubuntu Forums

Thanks to jgaffke.

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