Happy Birthday Google!

A great big and happy birthday wish to Google, which turns 10 years old this month. I've been using Google itself for many years now, and started to use their awesome services a little less than a year. I've talked about Google's Services many times, and my original conference presentation can still be found on the blog. In Fact, Here is the post- FOSSVT April 4th.

I downloaded Chrome and Picasa 3 right when I got news of them being available. My Firefox start page is set to my iGoogle. My word processing is usually done on line on Google Docs. I now use Gmail, and Love it. I love using Google Calendar to organize my tasks. This Blog, which will be celebrating it's own Birthday in a couple months, is hosted on Blogger, another Google service. My School started using Google Apps a small while ago. I can't wait until Chrome comes for Linux. Google is all around us.

So Google, on your 10th birthday, have some fun, and enjoy it. Who knows what you will be doing in another 10 years!

Happy Birthday Google!

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