Some people like to make brochures for advertising. Most use Microsoft Publisher. It works well, I've used it. Makes brochures look great too. But it is Closed Source, and you have to pay to get it. At School, Teachers still like brochures, and I was looking for an Open Source Application for this task. I found Scribus. I downloaded it and Installed it, and it came up asking me what kind of brochure I wanted. It loaded, and there it was.

Now the navigation is a little tricky. You can create a Text Area, but if you double click it you can't edit text. You need to right click it, and do it that way. I had a strange time to navigate. For Windows it requires GhostScript. Its a pretty cool and good Software for it's purpose. On a review scale I would give it a 4/5. The Navigation is a little Sketchy, but works OK, and It will be my Brochure program from now on.

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