Food For Thought- 5/17/08

Windows XP SP3 was released a while ago, and today, Saturday, I decided to install it. I went through Windows Update, (It's web based, not Automatic updates) and it detected that SP3 was available, and was not yet on my PC. I went ahead and allowed it to download, but before I actually installed, it conveniently detected that I had not had enough disk space on drive C:\ and wouldn't continue until I fixed that issue. I cleaned up my disk, and then proceeded with the install. So far so good, and it told me I needed to reboot. I went ahead and allowed it to. Selected Windows from the GRUB boot loader (I am using Mandriva, so that review is coming soon) and proceeded with the boot. Bad news, I didn't notice a performance gain at all. I heard that it was around a 10% performance gain, I didn't see it, oh well.

On another topic, I have noticed that Fedora 9 is out. I wish to put it through it's paces, and try out KDE 4, so I am downloading the DVD ISO, and hopefully that will be done soon.

I also went to the Dynamic Landscapes conference at Champlain College. We Ustreamed the keynote and several other sessions, and I met a young blogger, Arthus, it was a great honor meeting him, and I wish to go to some more conferences with him. I am a fan of his blog, and it was quite interesting meeting him. His blog, Newly Ancient is here, Newly Ancient.

Going to that conference was interesting. I enjoyed this, and everything is already online, so there is less for our team to do in the long run.

The first three podcasts from FOSSVT are available at I have embedded the Student Ambassador's podcast at the top of the page. They are finally done, hooray!

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